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Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu (Retired Green Beret), Gerard Group’s Chief Operating Officer is now in Iraq on assignment. He is embedded with Military Police in Baghdad to document the fact that for the first time US military history, MP units are the “Tip of the Spear” in operations in the Iraqi capital and other cities. He is also going to visit several prisons in the northern areas and also in Basra. He will be in-country for approximately 30 days. When he returns to the US, he will be rendering his research into book form that will be published by Gerard Group Publishing. In addition, he is doing further research for the soon to be released book entitled Gitmo: Behind The Wire co-authored by Major General Paul Vallely (Retired).

Special thanks goes to Murray Neal, CEO and the other great folks at Pinnacle Armor who have donated the use of their latest product, Dragon Skin body armor, to protect Cucullu while in the field. Gerard Group International is proud to work with such innovative and professional people who are on the leading edge of product designs to protect the brave men and women who serve our country or patrol our streets.

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